Gi Group is well aware of the public and social role it plays within the society. As a multinational staffing company, we can be influential in establishing new and better rules for the development of the market and local communities, using our global best practices.


CSR DayGi Group offices across various countries celebrating the ‘Destination Work’ Day on 22 Oct ’16.

Those are the projects the various Gi Group countries did for CSR in 2015.


The work of Gi Group is intended to build employment opportunities for people to ensure an adequate future fitting their own expectations and needs.

“In this context, the inspiring principle of Gi Group’s activities is represented by strong company and human orientation. Our work is on one hand based on the principle of the irreducible value of the person and on the consciousness of the great importance that work has for them. On the other hand it is based on the deep respect and esteem for the firm as the basic instrument for development of the company”.

Our Principles

Mission & Values

Through our services we want to contribute, as a key player and on a global basis, to the evolution of the labour market and to emphasize the personal and social value of work.

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics conforms to the request made by the United Nations “to embrace, support and enact the set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption”.

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Global CSR Report

Gi Group’s first international CSR Report tells the entire story of the development of our Social Responsibility strategy and our formal and measurable commitments aimed at meeting the needs of our stakeholders.

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