5 Mistakes Common In All Job Seekers/ Candidates

7 November 2017

Long Resume Candidates often make resumes longer than 2 pages which will most likely not grab a recruiter’s time who is crunched for time. It should always be compressed to 1 or 2 pages. They don’t make it factual and quantitative but try to give ...

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7 Things That Will Make You Shine Out In 2017

3 January 2017

A possibly booming economy in 2017 will make a lot of people move on, for better pastures. While a lot of you do explore the new opportunities, what should you have so that you attract the employers? Here are 10 tips from Gi Group – one of India’s...

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Getting a good break

13 April 2014

Venkat R. Ramamoorthy is passionate about photography. So much that he took five days off from work in January and clubbed it with two weekends to attend a photography workshop in Rajasthan. Such ‘adjustments’ by employees sometimes ir...

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