5 Mistakes Common In All Job Seekers/ Candidates

7 November 2017

Long Resume Candidates often make resumes longer than 2 pages which will most likely not grab a recruiter’s time who is crunched for time. It should always be compressed to 1 or 2 pages. They don’t make it factual and quantitative but try to give ...

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32% Of Professionals Find Jobs Via Social Networks

23 March 2017

About a third of all the working professionals in India land new jobs through social networks, according to data from LinkedIn, the online professional network. The data showed that 32% of Indian professionals use the social media networks to help...

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7 Things That Will Make You Shine Out In 2017

3 January 2017

A possibly booming economy in 2017 will make a lot of people move on, for better pastures. While a lot of you do explore the new opportunities, what should you have so that you attract the employers? Here are 10 tips from Gi Group – one of India’s...

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11 Tips on Creating an Online Presence

2 December 2016

Are you someone who is digitally low profile or shy, or may be digitally introvert? No!? Perfect! You might be on your way to becoming a online phenomenon! If your answer is a YES, then creating an online presence may work in your favor if ever yo...

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10 Things To Check Before Accepting A Job Offer

21 November 2016

Finding a job is tough but more gruelling is the decision to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a job offer at hand. It becomes even more pertinent in today’s turbulent economic situations when companies offer and withdraw job offers instantly. Here are 10 thin...

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Do women Techies earn lesser than male counterparts?: TimesJobs

24 July 2016

While some industry experts admit that a pay gap creeps in as men and women reach the senior level, others deny any such disparity Technology and IT are considered a man’s world. It takes a lot for a woman to choose technology as a career. Even in...

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