Are You Looking to:

  • Start a greenfield / brownfield project globally?

  • Expand your business globally?

  • Hire employees globally?

Ask our Recruiters pro at Trans-national Hiring!

Our brand ‘International’ has developed the capability to help clients with result-oriented solutions irrespective of operational geographies.

The team has an in-depth understanding of global work protocols, geographical-opportunities, compensation structures and offer comprehensive coverage in talent identification with exceptionally good turnaround time.

With Elixir Consulting you can hire expats from Country A (C-A) to work in Country B (C-B), from C-A to India, from India to C-B, within India, or as you please.

Our clients benefit from our consultants who have experience in handling large turnkey projects and bring with themselves – fundamental knowledge of recruitment, combined with extensive global  & local network with key professionals & extensive database with Elixir.

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