How can Indian Companies manage Talent Supply during Consumption Peaks

 To deal with periods of consumption peaks, brands need to be prepared, especially in terms of workforce management, which requires high levels of flexibility.
Waiting for Diwali, here is Gi Group’s point of view,

New Delhi, 7th September’ 2020 – Festivities and traditions are at the heart of Indian culture. For most Indian families, Festivals are an opportunity to not only celebrate and enjoy but also to buy and spend on products that they have been aspiring or saving for the entire year. The Festival of Diwali heralds India’s biggest shopping season of the year. From Jewelry to Cars to Home furnishings, every product category sees a boost in sales during Diwali, but the biggest category that sees some players logging in as much as 9% of their annual sales during this period is Electronics Goods.

India is the largest market of smartphones and other electronic devices in the world, with the total value increasing from $125 billion to $250 billion in just three years. Thus, in a country with more than 637 million Internet users who will increase to 829 million in 2021, it is not surprising that sale of electronics products is expected to grow about 7-9% during the Diwali’s season in a typical year.

But how does a company deal with such extraordinary sales peaks? Especially, how can a company manage the consequent increase of the workforce in an organized and flexible way?

Gi Group, one of the world’s leading human resources and services provider, highlights 4 competitive pre-requisites for being prepared and getting the most from Diwali Festival and other typical consumption-peak periods.

  1. Counting on a professional sales force. Being able to attract the most competent and effective sales promoters in the market is an excellent plus. They will interface with customers and ensure they have an excellent shopping experience.
  2. Managing workforce effectively. During a stressful period, a company should manage its staff in an organized and automated way, saving time and resources without losing efficiency.
  3. Forecasting and monitoring. Companies should implement an effective manpower control system both in planning (of necessary human resources) and operational phases, monitoring each one’s activities.
  4. Being ready on time. Starting the recruiting processes on time allows to attract the best talent and to complete staffing and onboarding processes in time before the festival begins.

 “Clearly, 2020 has been a challenging year so far because of Covid-19 epidemic, but we expect the usual peaks of demand during the upcoming Diwali Festival – comments Marcos Segador, India General Manager at Gi GroupWe usually register an increase in hiring demand of  about 8-10% from our clients in the electronics and consumer durables sector from September onwards. These hiring peaks require high-time and resources investing processes for companies. For this reason, many Companies look for support from staffing agencies like Gi Group. Indeed, our role is to be the candidate “GPS” in the complicated world of labor market, from recruiting to onboarding and workforce management. Our mission is to find the right people for companies by understanding their needs, and to ensure those complementary aspects that clients are looking for. Flexibility is surely the first and most important one, being able to offer a service that is customizable, and developing trustworthy and long relationships with them. In few words, we aim to be the HR business partner that helps to reach companies’ goals.”

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