The confidentiality of personal data is a right that the Gi Group companies are committed to respecting and, to that end, they want to disclose, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 (bearing the code regarding the protection of personal data), the rules and procedures governing the processing of personal data and the methods of collection and use of the same and the choices available to the user. This statement regarding the privacy of personal data, available on the Group portal ( and various home page of the Group companies, applies to all web sites and domains of the Group Companies [ «.com», ‘.eu’, ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’ and ‘.info’] and may be subject to change.
All of the Group companies websites are structured in a way that allows the user to visit them without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. This site contains links to other group companies and is used both as a means of information of the activities carried out as well as data collection tool.


For added convenience and information on the Group portal and the companies of the Group websites may contain links to websites of other companies. If you access those links you leave the portal of the Group or the website of the Group. The Group companies have no control over these sites or the procedures they apply in terms of data confidentiality. Such practices may be different from those adopted by the Group companies that, therefore, any liability in relation assume to websites of other companies. The personal data that the customer choose to give to unrelated third parties to Group companies are not covered by this Privacy Statement. Before communicating personal information, therefore, users are invited to consult the privacy policies of those with whom you come into contact. Some companies not related to the Group may choose to share their personal data that is held by the Group. In this case it is applied to the regulation used by the company in question in dealing with personal data.


This Declaration on data privacy of personal information, the collection of personal data and can not be defined as data called aggregates.

Personal information:
It is information associated with the name or identity of the visitor’s personnel (company or candidate). The Group companies use personal information to better understand your needs and your individual interests and to provide a better service. If you choose to provide the information, the Group companies guarantee that they will be used only to support the relationship entertained with the visitor or the candidate and, considering the trust you by its visitors, undertake not to grant third parties the personal information collected.
On some of the Group companies sites you can register or apply for it, request information, subscribe to newsletters, require other services. The types of personal information may include name, address, telephone number, email address, user IDs and passwords, contact preferences for desired mode, data on education and training, employment and job interest. For the treatment of these data it is provided you a form and ask for agreement on the various pages of the websites that allow sending.
In order to customize the web sites, services and communications, and to improve the services offered, you may be required information on personal or professional interests and the composition of the household. This additional information is optional and posting is always subject to the disclosure appropriate reading and the release of the relevant consent from the visitor.



It is no data on the use and operation of the service, not associated with a specific personal identity. The Group collects and analyzes non-personal information to evaluate your use of the visitors.
Non-personal data we collect may include the pages visited on the websites of the Group companies, the URLs (1) unique within the various sites visited, browser type and IP address (2). Most non-personal data is collected via cookies or other analysis technologies. The web pages of the Group companies use cookies, web beacons and other technologies for data analysis and personalization services. Some Group companies publish also places ads on other websites that can in turn use cookies. For more information on this see the section “Use of cookies and web beacons on the sites of the Group companies.



The data “aggregated non-personal” is information recorded about users and collected into groups so that it no longer possible to identify individual users. It ‘possible that the Group companies share with third parties certain aggregated non-personal information, such as the number of users you have entered your CV to one of our sites, or how many users clicked on a particular banner. Such information does not identify the user’s personal data.



The Group companies offer the possibility of receiving a variety of information to complement its core business. You can subscribe in order to receive specific information regarding job offers or services, promotional / advertising communications and corporate marketing. Communications may include information on new services, participation in events and meetings also training or invitations to participate in market research. This option does not apply to communications for the Administration for support, safety information services or data updates.
The Group companies do not use personal information for purposes other than that stated at the time of data collection.
To choose not to receive communications that are required specifically (eg newsletter via email, job postings, and so on), you must select the e-mail link “opt-out” or “unsubscribe” (Unsubscribe subscription) or follow the instructions included in each communication sent. Alternatively the user can unsubscribe through the appropriate procedure available on the websites, following the instructions to terminate your subscription.
Some services provided by the Group companies are linked to other, provided by third companies, and some of these services offer the ability to communicate and to other Group companies and third companies their personal information. This type of services includes the ability to sign up for a job offer from a single web page to request a commercial communications or to authorize communication to a job interview. The Company will disclose this personal information to third party companies only if the candidate or the visitor pay their consent.



The Group companies use personal information to learn about the needs and interests of the visitors and to improve the services offered. Specifically, personal data is used to help the user complete recordings, for sending communications, to provide a service, to update visitors on services and benefits, and to personalize your jobs and company websites of the group. The data provided may occasionally be used to contact you for market research regarding employment opportunities and, in general, the services offered by the Group companies.
The personal data collected online may also supplement the information provided to Group companies in other ways, such as through call centers, training sessions, seminars, other contacts.
Personal details provided to Group companies may also be transferred abroad, for operations related to the storage and management of information, in accordance with appropriate safeguards and in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on personal data protection.
Non-personal data is aggregated for reporting about the usability, performance and effectiveness of the Group companies. These data are used to improve customer service, to facilitate the use of Web sites and to improve the content.
The Group companies undertake not to transfer to third parties the personal information collected and can communicate personal information to third parties only in response to specific requests of the candidates or visitors about employment opportunities or the services offered. The release of this information by the user is bound to his consent.
The Group companies conclude with third parties contracts for the supply of services, products and complete solutions for the candidates and visitors, as described in the section “Use of information”. The service companies and suppliers are required to keep confidential the information received and may not use it for purposes other than the services they provide on its behalf. The Group companies will share personal information with third parties only if the client or candidate you will consent, unless required by law, by regulation or legislation.
Group companies may merge with or be acquired by another business entity and their respective assets could be acquired in whole or in part. In these cases, each company will strive to inform the applicant or the visitor of the need to communicate your personal information to such entities in order to continue to use the service or information.
The Group companies undertake to cherish with the utmost care the personal information. To this end. They have implemented technology, management processes and procedures necessary to treat in the strictest confidence data regarding applicants and visitors. The customer has the possibility to access the information concerning him; Group companies will work to enable online access and the modification and updating of information. To ensure the privacy and user protection before allowing access to the data of the Group proceed to verify your identity, such as a password and user ID. Some areas of the Group companies’ websites may limit access to specific individuals through the use of passwords and other personal identifiers.
The most effective way to view and change your personal information is to return to the web page where you originally submitted your data and follow the instructions on that are reported.
The Group companies are committed to protecting the information provided by candidates or visitors. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy and ensure the appropriate use of information, the Group companies use appropriate procedures to safeguard the data collected.


Changes to this Statement

In the event of changes to the terms of this Privacy Statement online data, the Group will make public these changes and update the revision date of this document, so that users will always know what information is collected on line, the way they are used and powers that are available to them. In the event that material changes to this Statement, each Group company will provide notification to candidates and registered users.


Contact Group companies

All Group companies welcome the views of candidates and visitors, who can address their questions, your comments and suggestions regarding this Statement on the confidentiality of data
Rev. January 2008

  • The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. For example, is the URL of the home page of Gi Group.
  • The IP address is the identifier for a computer or device on a TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol), for example, the World Wide Web. The networks use the TCP / IP protocol to route information basis of the destination IP address. In other words, the IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet, and allows Web servers to locate and identify it. For users to communicate, consult and buy on the Internet, computers must use IP addresses.



Definition of cookies

A “cookie” is a small data file that is transferred from a Web site to the unit’s hard drive of the visitor’s computer. The Company sends cookies when you visit your Web site, you require or you customize information or when you register for certain services.

Types of cookie used

The Company’s Web site uses exclusively “technical cookies”:

  • Navigation cookies or session that ensure normal navigation and use of the Web site;
  • Analytics cookies used to collect information, in aggregate form, the number of users who visit the Web site and on the same delivery modes, in order to develop general statistics about the service and its use, without the possibility to go back to the identification of the individual user.
  • feature cookies that allow users to take advantage of useful customizations offered by the site, such as remembering the preference selected during previous visits (such as the choice of the language of navigation, etc.)

Typically, cookies are classified as “temporary” or “permanent.”
The “temporary” cookies do not stay on your computer after you leave the Web site or after the browser is closed.
The Company uses “temporary cookies”. The aggregate information collected help you analyze site traffic patterns. In this way, you can improve the site by modifying or customizing the content and making it easier to use.
The Company also uses “persistent cookies” that, because of their nature, remain on your computer instead of the visitors to be relayed to the Web site to the next visit to the same users. These cookies allow easy navigation, personalization and registration services and, by keeping track of the services required and of the pages visited in previous sessions can enable the automatic password entry for access to restricted areas of the site. The user can manually remove the “permanent” cookies.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but if you set up properly your browser preferences, you can usually refuse cookies or accept them selectively. If you disable cookies, some site functions may not be available and some web pages may display incorrectly. For more information on popular browsers and how to set your preferences regarding cookies, visit the following Web sites:

For information regarding the use of cookies by Facebook and YouTube, please consult the website Facebook and Google, respectively. To keep tabs on the collection of data for the purpose of analysis by Google analytics cookies, the user is invited to visit the Browser Add page to Google Analytics Opt where, if desired, can proceed with the disabling these cookies by downloading the specific plug-in browser held there.


Web beacons

Some Web pages and some e-mail newsletter in HTML format of the Company’s website use beacons in conjunction with cookies to compile aggregated statistics about the site. A beacon is an electronic image, GIF empty call or single-pixel (1 × 1). The beacons can recognize certain types of information on the visitor’s computer, such as its number of cookies, the time and date display of a page and the description of the page where the beacon. You can deactivate some beacons by refusing the cookies that are associated.