Staffing Industry Analysis | India – The Adecco Group, ManpowerGroup, GI Group & Randstad form alliance to help businesses and workers to get back to work safely

The Indian operations of The Adecco Group, ManpowerGroup, GI Group and Randstad have teamed up to release the ‘Safely Back To Work – Best Practices Handbook’ today.

The handbook is a comprehensive compilation of health and safety protocols that will enable businesses and workers to safely return to the physical workplace when the time is right. The report currently covers four sectors: manufacturing, infrastructure, IT/IT (enabled-services) and pharma, healthcare and life sciences, with more than 450 health and safety protocols and recommendations across these sectors.

The handbook has been curated with active participation from organisations across various sectors and knowledge partners including NASSCOM Insights, the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India, Stanton Chase and Emotional Wellness Partner, and online counselling and emotional wellness platform YourDOST. Based on insights received, the handbook lists the measures that are recommended under themes: Workforce protection, Employee protection, Non-employee protection, Business Process Adaptations and Employer-led Health Interventions for each of the sector.

The Safely Back To Work – Best Practices Handbook’ is the first in a series, with the next one covering retail, e-commerce and business services/consulting. It incorporates practical guidelines and recommendations, which companies can learn from and implement as per their specific needs. The handbook also features a special section regarding emotional wellbeing to enable organisations to be cognisant of this aspect while getting back to work safely.

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