Social Media channels have replaced job portals and newspapers in some cases.

About a third of all the working professionals in India land new jobs through social networks, according to data from LinkedIn, the online professional network.

The data showed that 32% of Indian professionals use the social media networks to help them access information about companies, including the culture and opportunities available to them.

“The job market today has transformed into a candidate’s marketplace wherein candidates choose their employers, as opposed to recruiters choosing them,” Irfan Abdulla, Director, Talent Solutions, LinkedIn India, said.

“Organisations are restructuring their recruiting teams to work on building relationships with potential candidates and engage with them on relevant platforms. This move is creating an ecosystem where recruiters, organisations and job seekers interact for individual, professional and business growth,” he said.

“Majority of the candidates find LinkedIn very useful to use, as they can showcase their skills, experience, projects, connections, extra-curricular activities, and they can be easily tapped there even if they are not actively looking for jobs”, says Akanksha Kashyap who heads the International Hiring team at Elixir Consulting – a Gi Group company.

Gi Group India which is one of the leading Staffing Firms in India according to Staffing Industry Analysts, has a large number of recruiters who use LinkedIn to successfully find the right candidates for their clients.

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