A possibly booming economy in 2017 will make a lot of people move on, for better pastures. While a lot of you do explore the new opportunities, what should you have so that you attract the employers?
Here are 10 tips from Gi Group – one of India’s top 10 Staffing & Recruitment firms (according to Staffing Industry Analysts):

  1. LinkedIn profile find job
    Get your LinkedIn profile in order so that its becomes a magnet for prospective employers.
    Put a shortened link of your profile on your CV as well, to let the employers know how connected you are in the industry. Ask Gi Group marketing team how to do that.It must highlight some critical aspects such as valuable recommendations from senior colleagues, awards and recognition received and contact details including email/ phone no. to make it easier for a recruiter to reach out to you and avoid delays in the process of recruitment.
  2. Well-formatted resume
    An extremely well formatted, one-page resume, with no spelling / grammar / language mistakes shows your seriousness to your employer. Are you damn serious? Yes – has to be visible from your resume. Of course, what you write plays an important role too. Search for sample resumes online.
  3. Attire
    Dress up well in comfortable – business formals, including polished black shoes/ or other formal footwear for females. Avoid facial hair, jewelry, accessories, excessive make up and excessive fragrance.
  4. Polish your skills
    Polish and hone your skills continuously and learn new things daily. Use MOOC sites – EdX and Coursera are 2 great places to do new courses on any topic under the sky.
  5. Research about employer
    Use your LinkedIn and Facebook connections to find out maximum possible information about your future employer, its work culture, practices etc. Send customized invite to their employees, if you can. Don’t hesitate, go network like a pro.
  6. Confidence
    The confidence you ooze at the time of interview can make all the difference to make you stand out from all other candidates, and it comes with practice. Practice speaking in front of mirror and at least memorize your current KRAs and answers to standard questions.
  7. Extra-curricular activities
    The kind of extracurricular activities you pursue can tell your employer a great deal about the network you have, how productively you spend your time and what you want to achieve in life. It could be fitness, sports, cooking, fine arts, or whatever you love to do. Just don’t cook up here.

Follow these Gi commandments and you shall set yourself up for a dream career!

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