Employers blame long work hours for mental health issues, employees point to leadership role: Survey

Most employers feel long eratic working hours is the top aspect leading to mental health issues, while majority of employees have put the role of leadership as the top factor, according to a survey.

Employers and employees contradict each other on factors of influence, as 77 per cent of the employers surveyed point to long, erratic and always-on-work hours as the top factor, and play down the role of leadership, according to human capital solutions and services provider Gi Group’s study ‘All in the Mind: the state of mental health in Corporate India’.

It showed that 79 per cent of the employees put the role of leadership right on top of the factors.

The study was done among 1,088 employee respondents and 368 employer respondents from leading small-, medium- and large-scale businesses based out of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Pune.

It has been done keeping the employee, employer and the human resource department in consideration and has inputs from experts from the fields of psychology and emotional wellness.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a mixed bag for issues concerning mental wellness and awareness and accessibility leapfrogged and taboos significantly diminished, it said.

However, only a small proportion of employers were more in control of their mental health with 29 per cent of the employees surveyed suffered due to erratic work schedules and 21 per cent suffered due to reduced salaries, it said.

Meanwhile, the employers interviewed stated that they understood the fall-out of mental health issues as 70 per cent of all employers believed that mental health has a serious (45 per cent) or significant (25 per cent) impact on organisational performance or growth.

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