How to face a video interview

What it takes, how to handle the interview, before and during it. Here are some tips.

The video interview is an opportunity to make the first meeting between candidate and recruiter easier. Designed to break down territorial barriers, it has become a widely used tool regardless of the distance, as it also reduces the possible problems related to the “crossing of agendas”.


The most popular tools to make a video interview are:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts

In both cases you can use the mobile app as well as the programme accessible from your PC’s browser.

Alternative solutions are also available: in these cases the recruiter will provide you with all the access modes.

What you need

  • Smartphone or PC
  • The installed app or program to connect to
  • A good connection
  • Possibly a nickname (username), which if not professional is at least not too “original” (the same rules as for the email you use to send CVs apply)
  • A suitable environment in terms of silence, brightness and formality (take a shot test and see if there is something behind you that is better not to show).

Before the interview

In addition to the usual preparations for an interview, don’t forget to run some connection tests. All tools usually include test video calls:

  • test the audio;
  • consider using a headset with a microphone;
  • make sure that too much darkness or light doesn’t affect how the recruiter sees you;
  • look into the monitor if anything undesirable appears behind you;
  • Close all doors and windows to avoid any noise or unexpected presence.

During the interview

The usual rules apply during the interview. Just don’t forget to:

  • look into the webcam, not the screen;
  • pronounce words clearly as background noise is accentuated;
  • Not gesture, especially if you are holding a smartphone…

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